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TSR 20
Field Latex
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  We are specialist exporters of Natural Rubber. Since we are based in Thailand, our strength lies in dealing with Thai origin Natural Rubber. However, we are not limited by any boundaries. We can supply Natural Rubber from ANY ORIGIN e.g. Malaysia, Vietnam, India etc.

   RSS 1 thorugh 5
   TSR L, 10, 20 and CV grades
   Latex in drums and in bulk
   Skim Block

  We also export some downstream rubber products like Rubber bands, Examination Gloves, Rubber Slippers and Car Mats. Our core competence derives from Analysing, Understanding and Interpreting the movements in the Natural Rubber market and leveraging our knowledge for the benefit of our customers. We have forged strong alliances with channel partners which allows us to present not just product but also logistical solutions to the exacting needs of our customers.

  The strategic focus of the company is to find CUSTOMISED ONE STOP SOLUTIONS for each of our valued customers. Our goal is to establish strong, healthy and long term relationships with all users of Natural Rubber. Ours is a small company and we believe our size is our advantage. We are acutely tuned in to our customers' requirements and we believe in responding promptly and effectively.

  One of the most integral parts of our business is building relationships. We believe our role is not just that of a vendor. We think of our role as being advisors to our customers. It is our duty to keep our customers abreast of relevant developments in the NR arena at all times, thereby enabling them to make overall better, well informed purchasing decisions.

  We cordially welcome you to our website. We hope you will give us an opportunity to service your requirements.