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Natural rubber production has gone up, says board 

March 5 , 2560

The Rubber Board has said that its initiatives in arresting the slide in natural rubber (NR) production are at last showing results.

In a statement, the board said that the production of natural rubber during July and August 2016 showed an increase of 10 and 20 per cent respectively as compared to the production during the same period last year.

“If this trend continues, production of NR during the fiscal will reach the anticipated 6.54 lakh tonnes,” it said.

The increasing trend is noticed from May 2016 onwards.

Increase in production as compared to last year in May and July were three per cent and six per cent respectively.

Reasons for fall

The production of NR had dipped in the last few years. Untapped holdings,

climate change and shortage of tappers were identified as the reasons behind this trend. The board is now on an intensive campaign to overcome these hurdles and also to increase production to tide over the price crisis, the press note said.

Efforts are being undertaken by the board through Rubber Producers’ Societies (RPSs) and Board Companies at regional office level and field office level to improve production and productivity.

As a result of the mass contact programme conducted by the board to improve profitability of rubber cultivation, more rubber growers are coming forward to adopt low frequency tapping (LFT).

Tapper Bank

A Tapper Bank scheme through RPSs to overcome the shortage of tappers has also started functioning.

The board also proposes to conduct skill upgradation programmes for 27,000 tappers in the country, with the cooperation of the Rubber Skill Development Council, it said.

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