Unlike RSS, these sheets are air dried in smoke-free rooms for 2-4 days. These sheets appear similar to RSS, but are translucent and light golden in colour. Tensile properties of ADS XL are different from RSS. Popular applications of ADS XL are for nipples and teats. There are no standard technical specifications for this grade, hence, categorized under VGR (Visually Graded Rubber).

Characteristic (ADS XL)ADS XL
Dirt content on 44u aperture (max %wt)0.032
Ash content (max %wt)0.19
Nitrogen (max % wt)0.32
Volatile matter (max %wt)0.57
Wallace rapid plasticity (Po) min55
Plasticity retention index (PRI) min %78.2
Mooney Viscosity ML(1'+4') 100 C91.9