Raw field latex is processed into crumbs, which are then treated in ovens to produce this light yellow grade of rubber. Lovibond measures the lightness of color: a lower value indicates lighter-colored rubber.

Characteristic (TSR L)Thailand (STR 5L)Indonesia (SIR 3L)Vietnam (SVR 3L)Malaysia (SMR L)
Dirt content on 44u aperture (max %wt)
Ash content (max %wt)0.400.500.500.50
Nitrogen (max % wt)0.600.600.600.60
Volatile matter (max %wt)0.800.800.800.80
Wallace rapid plasticity (Po) min35303535
Plasticity retention index (PRI) min %60756060
Lovibond Colour: individual value (max)
Lovibond Colour: individual range (max)