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Oriental Rubber Products

Your Trusted Source of Natural Rubber & Latex from all Origins

With over 26 years of expertise, Oriental Rubber Products (Metalco) empowers its global partners to achieve greater success in the natural rubber and latex industries. Our speciality lies in our profound understanding of the price dynamics and volatility in the Natural Rubber (NR) and Latex markets, reinforced by our extensive industry knowledge.

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Forest Stewardship Council International

Oriental Rubber Products promotes environmentally sustainable sourcing and consumption practices.

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Why Us

Reliability Rooted in Experience

At Oriental Rubber Products, we believe in building relationships that stand the test of time. Our longstanding presence in the industry is testament to our unwavering commitment to our partners. We've built our reputation on reliability, consistency, and trust - the core values that underpin our approach to every business relationship.

  • 26 Years of Experience
  • 12 Source of Origin Countries
  • 200+ Customers Supplied
  • 77% Accuracy in Market Analysis
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    Market Expertise

    We don't just follow the market - we understand it. You can always rely on us for unbiased views and expert recommendations based on prevailing market conditions.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Understanding your needs is our first priority. We strive to maintain competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our products, ensuring you always receive the best value.

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    Valuing Relationships

    At the heart of our business is you, our customer. We deeply value the relationship we share and are dedicated to fostering it for mutual growth and success. We strongly believe in achieving "win-win" outcomes and establishing long-term relationships.


Solid Rubber

At Oriental Rubber, we provide all grades of Natural Rubber (NR) sourced from major Southeast-Asian origins such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Our offerings include Technically Specified Rubber (TSR 5, TSR 10, TSR 20, TSR 10 CV, TSR 20 CV). Latex Grades (TSR CV 50, TSR CV 60, TSR L). Visually Graded Rubber ( Skim Block ADS-XL) and Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS).

  • Consistent quality and timely shipment guaranteed

  • FSC-approved rubber for a sustainable market future

  • Dispatched within 2 weeks from order confirmation

Solid Rubber

Latex 60% DRC

At Oriental Rubber, we provide Concentrated Latex from tried and tested sources, with consistent quality and competitive pricing. We are able to supply FSC approved Latex as well as double centrifuged and sub-stage latex. Our main sources for latex are Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Consistent quality and timely shipment guaranteed

  • FSC-approved latex for a sustainable market future

  • Dispatched within 2 weeks from order confirmation

Natural Latex

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The MOQ is 1x 20ft container (FCL). This equates to: 21MT of latex in flexibags, 16.40MT of latex in drums and 20.16MT of solid rubber.

  • Yes, we can arrange for less than container load (LCL) shipments, however costs are higher.

  • Yes, we can supply Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved Rubber and Latex. We prioritize sustainability and can provide certified products upon request.

  • We offer flexible payment terms tailored to suit your business needs. Our team can discuss the options and recommend the most suitable payment terms for your order.


Voices From Our Valued Customers

Below are the words of customers who have experienced the Metalco and Oriental Rubber Products value proposition:

  • Prompt Delivery is their added quality.

    I have 35 years experience in the gloves industry and dealing with METALCO Thailand for 25 years. They are supplying high quality latex and no quality complaint was observed in our contracts. Prompt delivery is their added quality. Giving good customer service and support always.

    Surgical Gloves producer, India
  • Exceptional value delivered

    In my 20 years in the tire production industry, I've found that exceptional value is often a promise made but rarely delivered. That's not the case with Oriental Rubber Products. I've been doing business with them for over a decade, and they consistently provide superior quality rubber at unbeatable prices, contributing significantly to our competitive edge in the market.

    Tire producer, Argentina
  • Intrinsic industry knowledge

    As the Production Director of a leading balloon manufacturer in Brazil, it is imperative for us to work with partners who not only understand our needs but also have an intrinsic knowledge of the industry we operate in. Oriental Rubber Products stands out in this regard.

    Balloon Manufacturer, Brazil

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